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  Who’s digging up the bodies of America's dead celebrities? Whip-smart heroine Nina Zero plunges into events so bizarrely violent they could only happen in LA.

   A death in the family reunites ex-con turned paparazza Nina Zero with her long lost sister, who now touts herself as a successful real estate agent from Seattle. Who cares if the sister looks like she's lived a life as battered and fake as the designer-brand luggage she totes? With an abusive father and sweet but distant mother, Nina has been estranged from her family for so long she's happy to have a relative she can talk to.
  And Nina is too busy to question her sister's tale, because an altercation with a has-been Hollywood action hero leaves her with a concussion, two broken cameras, and a hot lead in the grandmother of all tabloid stories - the mysterious thefts of celebrity bones from graveyards around the country. Are the bone-robbers kids playing games with the devil; cult scientists intent on cloning dead movie stars; or members of the Church of Divine Thespians, a shadowy Hollywood sect that may be plotting unholy ritual? In the world of tabloid reporting, the impossible is not only possible, it's required.
   Not being famous is worse than being dead in Hollywood, where the bones of dead celebrities are literally worth killing for. Murder follows an unexpected betrayal, and Nina's quest for the grave robbers twists from tabloid assignment to a personal vendetta that matches her camera against their guns, shot for shot.
   With her sidekick Frank - a slovenly assassin of celebrity reputations - and her beloved, toothless Rottweiller in tow, Nina returns to the page in an emotionally riveting tabloid thriller fit to please her own cultish following.

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"Robert Eversz nails L.A., getting all the details right - both the place and its inhabitants. Digging James Dean is a solid mystery that builds high octane suspense from intriguing local lore. Best of all, it’s a chance to spend time with Nina Zero, an engaging and refreshingly original character, as sharp as the edge on which she lives."
Jan Burke, Edgar® - winning author of Bloodlines and Nine

"I love Nina Zero, even if she is walking proof that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And it's a white-knuckle rollercoaster ride every mile of the way."
Val McDermid, Gold Dagger- and Barry-award winning author of The Distant Echo