Publisher's Weekly Starred Review
   It's opening night of Nina Zero's first gallery show, and her staged photographs of Hollywood pulp scenes are attracting the interest of actual art connoisseurs, not just the usual gossip rag readership. But the excitement of the evening shifts to alarm when Nina receives an anonymous package containing an amateur bondage video that may have ended in death. As she and her editor at Scandal Times watch the rape and strangling of a young woman, Nina Zero recognizes a distinctive tattoo on the woman's left shoulder, and suddenly realizes why one of her models has missed the opening.

   Who sent the tape? And more importantly, what happened to the girl? Nina starts investigating her model and discovers a parallel life of S&M phone sex, blogs written in code, an illicit relationship with a celebrity hypnotherapist, and ties to the son of a billionaire film director. Her Scandal Times coverage of the case enrages the LAPD and attracts death threats from anonymous sources. Luckily Nina has her trusted (but toothless) Rottweiler by her side, as well as a sexy but mysterious detective who keeps landing in her bed. Just when events begin to spin from her control, Nina's deeply disfunctional family enters the fray, making life even more complicated for this ex-con with a soft heart and a chip on her shoulder.

Eversz's L.A. is a noir-lover's neon dream. - Washington Post

"Set in a vividly sunny and sinister Los Angeles, Zero to the Bone is the best (and sexiest) Nina Zero novel yet.

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JUDGING by the fifth novel to feature the battered but unbowed paparazza-on-parole Nina Zero, Robert Eversz's highly original noirish series has come to a conclusion of sorts... Since it's impossible to even hint at the book's ending without spoiling its effect let's just say it's one of the strangest resolutions I can recall in more than two decades of reviewing -- happy and sad and bizarre and totally satisfying. This shouldn't come as a complete surprise to anyone familiar with the ingenuity Eversz has displayed in this series. He has, after all, created a unique narrator-protagonist who observes Southern California's fault lines, and her own, with a cynic's eye and a satirist's tongue, and whose language and style are on the cutting edge of hip.
Dick Lochte, Los Angeles Times

"Eversz hits the jackpot in his fifth Nina Zero mystery as his Hollywood tabloid photographer with the unsavory past confronts various challenges and emerges irrevocably changed but still standing...This compelling, nerve-wracking, draining novel will leave readers hungry for the next."
Publisher's Weekly, Starred Review

Nina's terse, tough-girl patter is irresistible, and her street-smart, humorous take on love and life makes for addictive reading.
Joanne Wilkinson, Booklist

"Nina's addictive escapades grow in depth and complexity, with mystery on the side."