Highly original Nina Zero is an "ex-con snooping around celebrity backyards with a camera" in Robert Eversz's terrific "Burning Garbo". Eversz has a superb sense of place that's perfectly matched by his plotting and characterization in a book with action and psychological depth. "Burning Garbo" is rich, rewarding crime fiction by an author who should be much better known.
// Lev Raphael, Detroit Free Press

Zero's is such a sad, funny, companionable voice, and Eversz's L.A. is a noir-lover's neon dream…What's most compelling in Burning Garbo is the way character, whether remaining constant or changing, both drives the story and is itself a kind of metabolizing, breathing organism... Eversz's other main character, of course, is the city of Los Angeles, about which nobody writing today is as sweetly lethal...
// Richard Lipez, Washington Post Book World

If Nathanael West of "The Day of the Locust" fame had written mysteries, he might have come up with something as jumpy, honest and explosive as Eversz's three books about Zero...
// Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune

With plenty of celebrity satire and an ending that confounds expectations, this is a rollicking ride.
// Publishers Weekly

Burning Garbo is the third book in Robert Eversz' hip series featuring plucky anti-heroine Nina Zero, and in many respects, it's the best. The action is nonstop, the Los Angeles images spot on, and the mood evocative of the noir classics that defined the early great L.A. crime novels.
// Bruce Tierney, Book Page

(Nina Zero) comes across as the pissed-off, trouble-prone bastard love child of Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe and Joan Jett. Or is it Chrissie Hynde? Or, maybe, Courtney Love? Well, whoever her mother is, Nina can probably kick your ass. At least, verbally…Nina's spot-on take on modern life, Southern California style, ties everything together in Burning Garbo. Her twisted but unflinching observations, as well as her quips about everything from the nuts-and-bolts of the dehumanizing L.A. jail system to the chimera of fame and ego in Hollywood, echo long after you've put this book down... If Marlowe really was her dad, he'd be proud as hell.
// Kevin Burton Smith, January Magazine

Eversz keeps delivering deft noir touches and explosive action throughout this latest entry in the tough-girl Nina Zero series.
// Booklist

Eversz is good, wickedly good.
// Fanny Purdue, About.com

The Nina Zero series has become one of my favorites, and I eagerly anticipate each new release.
// Maddy Van Hertbruggen, I Love A Mystery

It's a wild ride... Most impressive is that Eversz once again ties a novel of character to a tightly crafted crime plot without either losing steam.
// Anthony Neil Smith, Plots With Guns

The beauty of an Eversz story is that he has all the inventiveness of Dashiel Hammett and Raymond Chandler, but is definitely not a copycat in either plot or writing style. His writing is as fresh as the occasional sea breezes that come to clear out the smog of L.A.
// Eugene Aubrey Stratton, Reviewing the Evidence