"It's amazing what a new writer can do with the old routines. In "Shooting Elvis," Robert M. Eversz took the hard-boiled formula for a terrorist-on-the-lam thriller and worked it into a feverishly hip satire of the Hollywood zeitgeist... With his slick style and cheeky cynicism, he is already an expert at setting heads to spinning."
// New York Times

"Whip smart... it takes the sardonic bite of Raymond Chandler and sets it to the mosh-pit madness of Green Day. An exciting and daringly original book."
// Boston Globe

"A stylish, hilariously cynical, high-action, pop-noir thriller... It's not often you find a novel that combines good old hard-boiled smart talk with feisty feminism, punk fashion, and references to Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol. What a blast."
// Booklist

SHOOTING ELVIS is as good as its title - hard-nosed and funny and fast.
// Alan Furst

"An often funny, often violent, ripping roller-coaster ride laced with black humor, acid wit, and dead-on observations about life, fame and fortune in the late 1990s."
// The Independent

"With the right amount of shock and irony, Eversz creates a tale of the nineties, complete with the feeling that there is surf music blaring in the background, and media cameras flashing out of the corner of your eye."
// Arkansas Democrat Gazette

"Shooting Elvis is first-rate... Eversz does everything right... Characters are fully-formed and believable. Plot coheres. And the writing gleams."
// Richmond Times


"It's wild, wicked and off the wall. When Mary Alice Baker delivers a package to LA airport for her biker boyfriend, the worst thing she can imagine is getting a parking ticket. Minutes later she staggers from the wreckage of a terminal demolished by the bomb she's just handed over. Now she's on the run, from the cops, from her ex-boyfriend and from a pair of hit men. Fast, frightening and very, very funny. "Best comic crime novel of the year."
// Val McDermid

"A groovy little debut and no doubt about it."
// Melody Maker

"Eversz's novel reads like The Catcher in the Rye with high explosives."
// The Daily Telegraph

My recommendation for a cracking weekend read... a very, very good novel, often funny... fastmoving, exciting and the dialogue is very good."
// TheBBC

"Like its recent cinematic ancestors, this is a wonderfully watchable tale... Good fun."
// The London Times

"... a thriller with complex characterisation, a streak of misanthropic wit, a bleak world-weariness, and no easy answers... a Generation X novel that skips the lifestyle accessories and goes to the heart of the malaise."
// The Scotsman


"A truly energetic, lively, dynamic novel..."
// Canberra Times


"With wit and finely calibrated powers of observation, Eversz takes his female protagonist into the very guts of US society... A breathtaking 'roman noir."
// Spiegel


"Best crime novel of the Spring season."
// Oslo Aftenposten