"The city of Los Angeles, the Mother Church of noir film and fiction, has rarely been more gloriously crummy than in Robert M. Eversz's Killing Paparazzi. This sequel to Shooting Elvis is as scabrously funny as Eversz's first novel featuring Nina Zero... Zero's is a wonderful fictional voice -- supple-minded, sexy, by turns tender and vulnerable and, when necessary, adroit at using punk attitude as a shield or a club. A onetime Angelino, Eversz has lived in Prague for most of the last nine years, but his feel for L.A.'s essential creepiness has never been more acute... Eversz's considerable talent infuses this terrific thriller with tension and feeling, and will leave readers wanting more of Nina Zero."
// Richard Lipez, Washington Post Book World

Fresh and flippant entertainment… a street-smart, razor-sharp combination of crime fiction and Southern California social commentary.
// Dick Lochte, L.A. Times

"Thrilling and hilarious, this is tongue-in-cheek crime with a sardonic twist."
// Maxim Jakubowski, The Guardian

"Ebullient LA-based thriller... Hugely enjoyable; salty, deadpan, softer-hearted than it seems and, now and then, deeply nostalgic."
// Literary Review

The last time we saw Nina Zero, in Robert M. Eversz's always-stylish and often-hilarious "Shooting Elvis," the former baby photographer turned grunge glamor paparazza was off to a 5-year stretch at the California Institute for Women for blowing up a terminal at Los Angeles International Airport…Zero is a convincing ex-con, protecting her psychic turf even in her most vulnerable moments. And Eversz, who can plot up a storm, makes sure there's a chuckle or at least a grin on almost every page.
// Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune

"Killing Paparazzi is taut, edgy and believable. The humor is pointed; the repartee cleverly noir, with overtones of punk. Picture your favorite old-time hardboiled detective -- Sam Spade for instance -- resplendent in trench coat, with spiked blond hair and a pierced eyebrow."
// Bruce Tierney, Book Page

Eversz' hip thrillers sizzle with flashes of mordant wit and merciless mocking of Hollywood pretensions. Shooting Elvis (1996) introduced baby photographer turned revenging she-devil Nina Zero, who's back on the street after serving hard time for a spectacular crime spree... Eversz's killer sense of humor and Nina's extreme rage, toughness, and quest for justice make this smart and stylish mystery hum.
// Donna Seaman, Booklist

"Killing Paparazzi works as both a sordid tale of murder and blackmail and a dissection of Hollywood's template for vacuous, self-centred living. Combined with an unforgettable heroine and a narrative style quicker and hotter than a flashbulb, it's destined to be one of the left-field hits of the summer."
// Steven Bell, Scotland Online

"Robert M. Eversz features a tough but personable heroine in Killing Paparazzi... Eversz is a good storyteller, and his narrative is crisp and involving."
// Susanna Yager, Sunday Telegraph

"Can a heroine whose tire-iron yearns for kneecaps still seem vulnerable and cuddly? Sure. Eversz may have pinned Nina down in the noir part of LA and given her heart to her abusive daddy, but if she moved to Trenton, she and Stephanie Plum would be the two most adorably dangerous gals in town."
// Kirkus

"Raymond Chandler's mean streets were never like those traversed in this new satirical novel by the author of Shooting Elvis... half the fun is getting there in this noirish ramble across L.A.'s seedy underbelly."
// Publishers' Weekly

"Eversz paints a chilling picture of an LA lifestyle that the glossy magazines don't cover. His pace is fast, furious and funny, and wild-child Nina is as endearing as she is wayward."
// Ros Drinkwater, Livewire

"Zippy stuff."
// Omer Ali, Time Out

"Killing Paparazzi by Robert Eversz is a fast, fraught crime story... A great holiday read, full of dark humour."
// She Magazine